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Video to Summarize Quality Audit in 5 Steps

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How to Conduct a Perfect Quality Audit in 5 Steps?

Everyone can conduct an audit but the important issue is conducting best efficient  and objective audit.The ones who conduct best efficient and objective audit are special.

What is a Quality Audit?


Quality audit is the assessing operation of production units in terms of quality requirements.Quality requirements can vary from customer to customer.Some systems are universal as ISO 9001,ISO 9000.These universal and most common systems can be implemented as a basic system if customers do not have specific requirements.

Steps of Quality Audit

1-Preparation:Audit preparation is 1st of key step before conducting audit.You need to know at least below points to plan audit efficiently in advance;

  • The size of factory.
  • The sketch of factory showing the departments rooms.
  • Work flow showing production processes in general.
  • Have how many floors?
  • How many people working?
  • Who will be the contact name?
  • Organization chart?Who is reporting to who?
  • Machine list.

Do not do! Do not conduct audit if you have not get above information.

The preparation should be completed before field /factory visit.

2-Opening Meeting: Opening meeting is the 2nd step of an audit.You need to introduce yourself,explain why you are there and give information regarding the audit process.

  • Planning: You need to plan your audit with contact responsible person.You need to know the department locations and breaks of each department.You need to create and agree a clear plan defining that which department will be visited when.
  • Content of audit: You need to clearly state the content of audit.If you will take photo or tlak with workers you have to declare this in opening meeting.

Do not do! Do not forget to introduce yourself,aim to be there.

3-Audit:Auditing/visiting the field is the 3rd step of audit. You may talk to workers or check the reports in the lights of customer requirements but best option to check the records first and confirm with the related worker that record is really kept.Because some companies may create fake records just to pass the audit.The only way to confirm that records are real is to question worker.

  •  Ask open end questions.Best way to clarify and confirm the quality records are real is to ask open end questions.If you ask closed questions starting with Is ,Are etc. the answer will be generally Ye sor No and you can not get detailed information.
  • Confirm your finding: If you find a non-conformity during your audit, you have to confirm this with related worker,the represnetative of factory.First of all you need to put forward your evidence.You need to repeat and get confirmation clearly that eveybody in that area understood what was found.For ex: If you find a mistake on the records and keep only in your records without confirming with related people you can not mention this non-conformity at the end of audit.People mostly will not acpet that non-conformity if it may affect the result audit especially.
  • Summarize: Summarize the findings for each department before passing the other department is give a possibility to you to remind the requirements ,questions to be asked ,the conformities found.

Do not do! Do not record any non-conformity if you have not confirmed it.

4-Closing Meeting:This is the 4th step of audit.You need to thank the representatives who are accompanied to you.Than you need to clearly state your comments with your confirmations and evidences.If you do not have an evidence do not talk about the comment.Mention each and every comment you have noted and non-conformity that you have noticed during the audit.

Do not do! Do not mention about any non-conformity if you have not an evidence.

5-Reporting&CAP: Reporting is the 5th and last step of an audit.You need to write down all your comments&notes which you have found and mentioned in closing meeting.You can not write any comment if you have not mentioned in closing meeting.Reports should be easily understandable.Most of the customers who require the audit have specific audit report formats.

CAP:Each audit report should have CAP report .CAP (Corrective Action Plan) or CAPAR (Corrective and Preventative Action Plan) should have the needed actions regarding each non-conformity,the date to be completed,the name of responsible person

Do not do! Do not write down any comment in your report if you have not mentioned on closing meeting.

As a conclusion; You need to follow above 5 steps to condcut a perfet audit.Each step is very important and key for the success and effectiveness of the audit.So you need to know and remind these if you want to be a perfect quality auditor.