What is Quality Management Systems for Steve Jobs?

Quality was one of the most important value for Steve Jobs during his all life.He has mentioned about importance of quality and quality systems several times under several circumstances.

One the most quote of Steve Jobs is;

‘Quality is more than Quantity.One home run is much better than two doubles.’

Interview of Steve Jobs about Quality

In 1990 Steve interviewed about quality and one the Quality Guru John Juran.When you watch the video you can clearly feel that he was passionate about quality and continous improvement.

The main topics that he has mentioned in the video are as below;

  • Most important thing in business is to look at everthing as repeatable processes.
  • Improvement is re-engineering these operative processes ,combining and eliminating some.
  • There is nothing that can’t be fixed but we need to g oto basics and fix it rather than fixing it at last stage.
  • Japanese never use the word quality in advirtesements.
  • Because Japanese know that customers don’t form their opinions depend on adviretesements they form their opinion according to their experiences.
  • In most companies if you are new and ask why is it done this way ,possibly you will get an answer as that’s the way it’s always being done.
  • Nobody questions is there a theory why we are doing in that way.
  • The largest contribution of quality is to approach ways of doing things ,processes.
  • If you give people the opportunity to improve,change processes , they will but there should be a mechanism for this.There should be authority given to these people to change things.There are countless of examples that this works.
  • In fact people shoudn’t have to ask permission to improve change things they should have permission to improve processes.

You can watch the video for more information.

As a conclusion;Steve Jobs was believing that to improve quality ,is related with re-engineering the processes and this is related with giving premission people to change processes ,who are doing the job.That is the most efficient way for continous improvement.

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