World’s Biggest Car Companies Quality Management Systems

Quality Management quality-management-systemsSystem is very very crucial for all companies as well as Car manufacturers.In this article you will see how are the biggest and oldest car companies use quality management systems to ensure their high quality is met on each of their products.


BMW is one of the companies which very well known about high quality cars.
BMW success is under their quality management systems.
Watch this short video to see how BMW maintain the quality consistant and became one of the world’s quality icons.


Henry Ford was lived between July 30, 1863 and April 7, 1947.He was known as the founder of mass manufacturing.He had created a revolution in USA by reducing the costs of cars .As a result of this ,most of the americans had opportunity to buy cars.Model T was the flagship of this revolution.He became very rich in a very short time with this success strategy.

What was the main perspective under his strategy?

1-Continuous Improvement

He always worked on improving systems on production and invested on technology.He has invented the Mass Production System which increased the quality of products by standardizing the processes and the elements/components that were used for assembling.The systems was measuring the defects of processes and wastage.Therefore analyzing to improve problematic process.
His famous quote about quality was related production.
‘Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.’
This is the basic strategy for him.Quality should be consistant regardless of people.

2-Hired Best Qualified People

He always hired best qualified workers with high wages and afforded better conditions to his workers.Because he was believing that good quality products could only achievable with good qaulified workers.
‘There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: make the best quality goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible.’
He was also believing that education quality is more effective on employee rather than the quantity.His below explanation is related about quality of education.
‘Education is preeminently a matter of quality, not amount’

3-Strong Franchise

He has created a very strong franchise system which put always customer at the most important position.He was succeeded to build up a franchise system in 6 continents on World.
As it can be seen his strategy mainly based on quality. High quality systems,high quality people and high quality dealing system.This is very clearly explaining his success and passion about quality.


In this video you will notice that how Bentley cars are inspected.There are some crucial inspections before the cars sold to customers and if the car has not get a PASS report that car can not be dispatched from factory.
The quality management system is structured very well and very strong among all departments.This is explaining why Bentley cars have the feeling of best quality.