Quality + Mentality =Qualitality

What is Qualitality?


Qualitality is a unique word which is combining word ‘Quality’ and ‘Mentality’ . Qualitality can be described as quality mentality of a company ,person ,society etc.

How to use Qualitality?

In terms of quality ,most important parameter for companies is mentality of people who are doing the jobs.If you can not change their mentality you can not change company quality.Therefore qualitality of the company can not be changed.

Qualitality is a way of calculating the quality mentality level of company .Each person has a quality mentality less or high.Mostly the weakest quality mentality defines the quality level of the company.For instance everbody knows the proverb ; ‘Chain is as strong as the weakest link’.Meaning that quality is actually defined by the weakest link as the chain will be broken from there.
Altough this may be true i am thinking that other people can affect the weakest link and make it stronger if average quality mentality is high.If in general qualitality is high in a company the weakest people can not survive much and will have a choice to increase quality mentality or leave.
This can be implemented to societies as well.When quality mentality is increased life styles,cultures,behaivours may change with affect of high to low.

How is Qualitality Calculated?

Give each person in the company a quality mentality score.
Think about how they react when see a fault?Are they keen to changes?Do they resist improvements/changes?How fast do they implement improvements/changes into business?
Summarize the scores of each person and divide it to count of people.
For Ex: Person1 Quality Mentality Score : 6, Person 2 7,Person 3 is 8.
Qualitality Score: (6+7+8)/3 =7
Qualitality Score 7-10 Best Quality in Company
5-7 Average Quality in Company
3-5 Less Quality in Company
0-3 No Quality in Company

Think about you companies and find your qualitality score.This will give you a general overview about your company and set a quality strategy.