What is QMS?


QMS (Quality Mangement Systems ) is sum of repetable processes to maintain consistency of quality.This consistant level of quality should be supported by continous improvement.Consistancy and improvement are the key specifications of quality management systems.

QMS can be imaginary defined as ‘watching eye’ over all systems in production.Actually this is the main objective of QMS.Also analyzing,reviewing,controlling,improving and reporting are the other main functions.You will see more details below in the article;

Processes in QMS

A quality management system (QMS) refers to a combination of process, in a business organization, that are meant to consistently meet the requirements of customers and enhance customer satisfaction in the market. The system is expressed as the goals, policies, processes, aspirations, organized information and the facilities needed for implementation and maintenance of the documented information.Processes, also used to express QMS, are certain set of procedures followed to accomplish certain missions through specified sets of business operations

Organizational Policies in Quality Management Systems

organizational-policies-in-qmsIn any organizations, goals are the expected achievements after a shift, addition, plan implementation process start-up either in the line of production or service delivery. The set goals are always outlined as the positive result expected at a certain period of time.

Organizational policies are also used to express quality management system. The policies are stated to govern the manner in which various activities and processes should be implemented and how roles and responsibilities should be assigned and played among the staff. . Aspirations are hopes of achieving certain performance levels or the set goals in a business organization.


Business Information in Quality Management

business-information-in-qmsOrganizations information is another factor used in QMS. Business information is very important which is used to show development trends, strategic plans, market trends and needs, stakeholder affairs, profit and loss trends, and the growth progress of the organization. Such information is useful in planning and plan implementation as well as business improvement. Various resources are used to manage business information; they include ICT facilities and ICT personnel.

Software of QMS

software-of-qmsA quality management system can be implemented using QMS software. Some companies provide QMS software. Most of the software are open-source and cloud-based. Such software is used for management of training records, validation, quality and compliance records and document management. The software enables companies to meet ISO standards in better ways. Quality management systems and their software are important in performance improvement and organizational growth.