Quality Assurance and Quality Control are as two halfs of an apple.If one side is missing the apple is missing and both are equally important for a business.They feed each other and stick as one department.The ideal way is this but is this happening in real life?Probably not.

You will see the differences and similarities of these 2 crucial department for companies in this article;



Quality Assurance

Quality assurance refers to the process of maintaining the desirable quality level in a product or service, which is especially aided by attention to all the stages of the process of production or services delivery. Quality control is a standards maintenance system in product manufacturing in which an output is sampled and tested against a control product specification. Therefore, quality assurance is implemented through quality control; if in quality control, a product passes the tests, then the quality assurance procedures followed are valid.

Quality Control

In an effective quality control program, an organization/enterprise must specify the standards to be met by the service product. What should follow is the extent of the quality control actions. This extent can be determined in terms of the percentage of the products that should be tested as the sample. The result collected or observations made should show the percentage of the products that are below the set standards. This information is vital for the management personnel who should decide on the way forward. Fault identification should follow. The quality assurance procedure should be reviewed in order to understand the cause of failures observed through quality control. Corrective actions should involve repair or rejection of the defective products, and free-of-charge repetition of the poor services offered to the clients until the clients are fully satisfied. A certain level of defective production or poor service delivery should be specified, beyond which the whole production plan or service delivery charter should redevised.

QC Process

The QC process should be constant for continuous detection and correction of production or service delivery failures. Quality assurance or quality control are both very important processes in a business corporation. They enhance high levels of customer satisfaction and maintain high competitive ability in the market.

Importance of Quality of Products

The competitive ability of a business organization greatly relies on the quality of the products or services offered by the organization; good quality means the expected level of customer satisfaction, hence, high competitive ability of the organization.