ISO 9001 Certificationiso-certification

We have decided to implement ISO 9001 and ready for the audit but what are the steps for certification?What should we do to get the ISO 9001 certificate?You will see below what should you do for ISO 9001 certification.


Right Planning/Right Person

implementing-iso-9001With the right planning and a decent understanding of what is required for ISO 9001 certification, most organizations can hope to accomplish certification within 3 to 6 months depending upon their size and complexity. At this stage, it is key to have somebody (internal or external) who has an understanding of implementing Quality Management Systems and who knows what is expected to accomplish ISO 9001 certification.


Stage 1 Audit

Once the groundwork has been done and the ISO 9001 Quality Manual has been finished, you will be prepared for your Stage 1 Audit. The assessor will check that your written Quality Management Systems meet the prerequisites of the ISO 9001 Standard and match what you are really doing.He/she will highlight any regions of deficiency and potential improvement needed of your system.

Stage 2  Audit

After  required changes have been made, your organization will then be prepared for your Stage 2 Certification Assessment. The assessor will check that you are attempting to the necessities of Quality Management Systems and the ISO 9001 Standard. This might be led by an independent 3rd party UKAS Accredited Certification Company.

Guide for achieving ISO 9001 certification

iso-guideYour organization and top management should have a clear idea of your destinations and what benefits it will pick up by accomplishing ISO 9001 Certification. You must be set up to incorporate Quality Management Systems into each department of your business.Every individual from worker to general manager should be aware of this audit and system.You should be prepared for below points prior to certification;


• What activities are required?
• Organization structure
• Who should record data and what data is recorded?
• Responsibilities of representatives
• Lines of communication through the organization
• How coherence will be kept up as staff change?

System definition

Defining your Quality Management System will require input from all of departments in the organization.

• Define who your clients are for every department, for instance:
– For the deals and advertising department, it will be the end clients.
– For the IT department, it will be internal departments.
• Document the exercises in every region.
• Review the ISO 9001 Standard to guarantee the requirement have been met.
• Identify any issue areas and rectified them

After doing all required expectations than you are ready for the certification.