What are the Benefits of Quality Management?You are right to ask this question because it is not easy to establish a quality management system so why we should spend our time and energy for quality management?

You will see the detailed explanation of the reasons that why quality management is beneficial.

Benefits of Quality Management

Quality management is the process that ensures consistency in the quality of an organization’s service or product. This is accomplished through 4 main components. These are: Quality assurance, control, planning and improvement. QM is centered at the qualities of services and products, and the strategies to maintain the qualities.

Importance of Quality Management

Quality management is very important in any organization. This is because every business is always seeking a high rank in the market. High market is achieved through competitive ability. The only way to achieve this is by maintaining a good quality of the products or services offered.

Figure 1 below is an illustration of an example of quality management model.


Benefits of Quality Management

  • Customers and profit maximization.
  • Quality management helps an organization to emphasize on market needs. The top-level management is able to identify the concurrent market needs in relation to their production line or specialization in service delivery. The management is therefore in a position to work towards customer satisfaction according to the needs identified in the market.
  • High competitive ability in the market.
  • Quality management ensures good performance in all business activities of an organization.
  • This is a result of adherence to the outlined procedures for implementation of the quality management process.
  • QM helps in identification and rectification or elimination of useless and wasteful activities. This prevents loss or wastage of resources, therefore minimizing business losses and maximizing profit.
  • QM helps in achieving and maintaining good communication within an organization, which is the key factor of efficiency in business operations. This is enhanced by the development of an adequate communication system which is a result of good quality management.
  • Quality management enables an organization to constantly review its progress. Progress review enables an organization to identify and rectify its weak points that might slow down its growth. Therefore, quality management is vital for any business organization aspiring to succeed in the market. Figure 2 below summarizes the benefits of QM.


Figure 2: Summary of the benefits of Quality Management