Definition Of Quality Assurance


Quality assurance is a method used by manufacturing and service delivery companies to ensure that the products manufactured or services delivered are of high quality as desired by their customers. Unlike quality control, quality assurance procedures are implemented during the manufacturing or service preparation process. This role is assigned to a quality assurance team within an organization. They try to implement quality assurance procedures that enable them the standards outlined by quality specification bodies such as ISO 9001.

Main Objectives Of Quality Assurance


  • First and most important main objective behind quality assurance is to improve and maintain customer trust and confidence in using an organizations services and products.
  • Quality assurance procedures involve process monitoring and structured testing of the products during the manufacturing process, or a service during preparation process. Such process monitoring includes taking measurements and making comparisons with specific set standards assumed to characterizing ideal products or services.
  • Quality Assurance is meant to achieve the goals set for the products and services. For instance, in manufacturing, a product may pass a number of phases; quality assurance should be done through testing and comparison with the set standards.
  • The quality management team determine the testing criteria. For instance, a certain percentage of the products is tested or compared to the control sample taken at that stage of the manufacturing process.
  • When testing and comparison is done, defective products are eliminated or taken back to the earlier manufacturing phases to rectify the defects. If the defects cannot be rectified, the defective products are rejected and the manufacturing procedures are improved in the respective manufacturing phases.
  • QA involves two manufacturing principles. One is, the product or service should be fit for the respective purpose. The other one is that it should be the right product or service for the first time; mistakes have to be identified and eliminated during the manufacturing or preparation process; the product or service should be of the highest desired quality when it is delivered to the customer for the first time, since quality is determined by the customers. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of any organization.

Importance Of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the basic part of Quality Management Systems. QA is a direct quality system which affect quality directly by protecting against risks.

Basically Quality Assurance is same with insurance in our daily lives.We do use insurance to keep our valuable belongings safe in case of any unwanted issue.This should be exactly samimportance-of-quality-assurancee with the companies , if the most valuable belonging is Quality of the businesses than this valuable belonging should be kept safe with quality assurance.